Sunday, November 22, 2009


Well, we actually leave this Wednesday and we are counting down the days. Our plans are to drive down (or should I say up) to Washington DC. There, we are meeting my friend Abdias Ortiz (shout out to Abdias!), and he is going to take care of us until we fly out on Thursday night to Paris. Abdias and I hung out in NYC last year so I know that this should be a "mega-fun" start to the trip.

We've spent the last few weeks getting our last set of shots for the trip (seven shots for me total- "ouch, my arms hurt") and buying everything that could possibly fit into a suitcase. Now, it's just the last minute things to do before leaving and trying to work on getting on the Paris sleeping schedule (maybe that will help with jet-lag?).

Just a note for those who live in or near Clarksville- our plan is to have a gathering when we return (of course we want to have one)- sometime in January, and have everyone that went to International Conventions bring their pics and stories to share with the group.

Thanks to all of our friends and family for the well-wishes and we plan to keep everyone entertained with stories from the friends from France and Africa.


shaymus77 said...

this trip is going to change your life. i'm so glad you are getting to go.

Desha said...

Have a wonderful & safe trip. I look forward to hearing about your new experiences! I'm so excited for you! ---your cousins Desha&Memory

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Ryan have a wonderful time!!! Please be safe and return home with lots of amazing stories.:) I look forward to your posts!
Kim A.(Ripley)